Recognize the signs & be prepared for any situation

By taking this online class we will discuss, discover, and explore various tactics to identify sexual solicitors, deter solicitors from becoming a client, and escape dangerous situations.

Identify warning signs

Prevent dangerous situations

Take action

Have you been in an uncomfortable situation?

Learn how to identify the wrong person before they get into your office.

Ethics & Boundaries Home Study Course

All from your home.

What will you get out of this class?

Identify the warning signs and “red flags” of a sexual solicitor.
Prevent potentially dangerous situations with clients by implementing policies, a screening process, and a clear intake.
Understand how to get out of scheduling inappropriate clients or end a massage session early.
Analyze real-life scenarios with sexual solicitors massage therapists may encounter.

“Thank You for creating a course that specifically deals with sexual scenarios in the massage profession. While it is an uncomfortable subject for many, it is important to talk about it, prepare for if/when it ever happens to you, and to have concrete preventative measures in place.”

Chrissi G.

Massage Therapist

It’s Time to Be In Control & Prepared For Any Situation

1. Enroll for the E-Course

2. Take the course from your home

3. Understand, recognize, & be ready for any situation

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