You are a Legitimate, Educated massage therapist. Gain the knowledge to spot solicitors, remove yourself from the situation, and become empowered to say no.

Respect Massage

No happy endings

No inappropriate clients

No Sexual Solicitations

Respect Massage is the only complete resource to protect massage therapists from sexual solicitors. The Respect Massage mission is to educate and empower massage therapists so they can easily spot, deter, and escape from clients that are looking for happy endings or “extras”.

Gain control of your practice and client interactions. Feel safe going to work every day instead of fearful and unsure of your client’s intentions. Trust in yourself that you will make the right decision when faced with a potential solicitor. No more doubts, no more guilt, no more questioning if you overreacted or not.

Spread the word to other massage therapists that the resource they have been searching for is finally here. Immerse yourself in the information that grows every day on how to keep your practice safe.


Joyce is easy to listen to and fun! Win-win! She is also full of compassion for what she does and genuinely wants to help other LMT’s.

Grace H.

St. Louis, MO