Ethics: Create a Zero-Tolerance Practice

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Join Joyce Gauthier, founder of Respect Massage, for this essential ethics and boundaries course (1 CE hour) based on real-life scenarios. Learn to identify the warning signs of sexual solicitors, deter solicitors from becoming clients, empower yourself to say no, and safely escape dangerous situations. Use the skills you gain from this course to create a zero-tolerance practice.

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“Thank you for creating a course that specifically deals with sexual scenarios in the massage profession. While it is an uncomfortable subject for many, it is important to talk about it, prepare for if/when it ever happens to you, and to have concrete preventative measures in place.”

Chrissi G.

Massage Therapist

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Ethics: Preventing Sexual Misconduct in Massage Therapy 

By Ben Benjamin, PhD

This ethics course addresses the critical topic of sexual misconduct in massage therapy. Viewers will learn the definition and history of sexual abuse, how to maintain sexual boundaries in draping and quality of touch, and the warning signs of predator therapists.

Maintaining Sexual Ethics: Part 1-Key Concepts

By Anne Williams

With a common, informed language, the massage profession can hold honest, meaningful discussions about how to protect clients and each other from unwanted, inappropriate, or violent sexual behaviors.

Maintaining Sexual Ethics: Part 2-Protecting Clients

By Anne Williams

Learn how to demonstrate the highest level of professionalism, empower clients during sessions, report sexual impropriety, respond to client concerns about the safety of massage, and encourage others in the profession to step up to maintain sexual ethics in the massage profession.

Maintaining Sexual Ethics: Part 3-Protecting Practitioners

By Anne Williams

Most clients are seeking massage for reasons that are healthy and appropriate. But what do you do when a client seeking massage for the wrong reasons ends up on your massage table and starts to cross your ethical boundaries?