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Learn how to screen massage clients before booking, how to trust your gut during client interactions, safety measures you can implement to stay safe, and so much more.

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Download the Respect Massage logos to use in your marketing (on your website, resume, social media, etc.) or display in your office and other places. Open a conversation with the public and your clients about the intentions of your practice.

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Master All Things Respect Massage with our CE Course

Join the founder of Respect Massage for this ethics and boundaries course based on real-life scenarios. Learn to identify the warning signs of sexual solicitors, deter solicitors from becoming clients, empower yourself to say no, and safely escape dangerous situations.

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 Educate You on How to Spot and Deter Sexual Solicitors

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Validate You as an Individual and Uplift the Profession as a Collective

For more details on Respect Massage, read our full Mission here.

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