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We know that receiving massage or bodywork can be a vulnerable or new experience for some people and that’s why we compiled resources below to help educate you on how to create a healthy client-therapist relationship, and address some of those unknowns. Choosing a legitimate, licensed massage therapist can give you confidence in the safety and professionalism you receive during your session. A therapist displaying the Respect Massage logo has a zero-tolerance policy for inappropriate behavior or solicitations of any kind.

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What to Expect During a Massage or Bodywork Session

Let us answer some of the most commonly asked questions for newcomers to massage and bodywork. Must I be completely undressed? What parts of my body will be massaged? How long will the session last? What should I do during the session? And more!

A women getting the side of her neck massaged.

Your Massage Session— Dialing in the Details for a Great Experience

These basic bodywork etiquette guidelines will help you get the most out of your massage, create a healthy client-therapist relationship, and address some of those unknowns.

A girl with her hands on her face peaking through her fingers.

Farting, Burping, and Other Bodily Noises 

Your massage therapist won’t be bothered if you pass gas on the massage table. We don’t mind if you snore or sniffle or your belly growls like a bear. We’re happy your body is working well, and we want you to unwind and enjoy your massage.

A man's hands massaging someone's back.

Touch for Trauma—Bodywork for Survivors

Although receiving massage and bodywork might seem counterintuitive for some trauma survivors, this human contact often works to mend the wounds that can’t be seen. Here are just a few ways massage can help.

A men's bathroom sign.

Let’s Talk About … Um … Erections

Getting a professional therapeutic massage is supposed to be a relaxing, healing experience. But for some men, fear of having an erection during the session prevents them from pursuing bodywork.

A women smiling with her arm's crossed.

Massage Therapist or Masseuse?

You may have heard a couple of different words used to describe the occupation of people who perform massage therapy: masseuse or massage therapist. Which term does your bodyworker prefer, and which should you use?

A portrait of a woman in the bathroom after a shower.

Massage and Emotional Wellness—From PTSD to Depression, Hands-On Work Offers Relief

Massage therapy offers myriad physical benefits, but we sometimes forget everything hands-on treatments can do for our emotional well-being.

Four people raising their hands.

Six Unspoken Questions About Massage Therapy

You love massage. But you’d love it more if you had the answers to a few questions you’ve been shy about asking. Good news! This article will address those questions you’d like to ask your massage therapist, but were afraid to ask.

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