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How to Screen Massage Clients

Screen massage clients to protect you and your practice from potentially dangerous situations. The purpose of screening your clients is to prevent unwanted clients from entering your practice.

Warning Signs for Massage Therapists

There are warning signs massage therapists can look out for when faced with a client looking for a happy ending. Sometimes, the signs are vague and easy to miss because the sexual solicitor is fearful of getting caught and arrested for illegally soliciting sex. 

Should I Have My Picture on My Massage Business Webpage?

I get asked a lot about what pictures therapists should have on their website—what other industry needs to be so sensitive to that? Ugh. Well, I got asked so many times and saw so many therapists removing their photos, I knew I had to do something.

How to Choose a Massage Therapy Business Name

When choosing a business name, you can attract the client of your dreams—or the client of your nightmares. Choosing a professional name will help deter clients who are looking for illicit services.

Code Language for Happy Ending Massages

Sexual solicitors will often use code language for happy ending massages so they don’t get caught by the authorities for the illegal act of solicitation. Know what to look for and how to avoid this awkward and potentially dangerous situation.

How to Build a Massage Practice Texting Etiquette

A new massage therapy client text messages you and you are not sure of their intentions. How do you come across as professional (in case they are a legit client), but still make it clear that you aren’t a happy ending parlor (in case they are looking for . . . extras)?

Security System

Security Systems for Massage Therapists

A security system for my massage therapy office always seemed too expensive and out of reach. Oh, how I was wrong. The best security systems for small businesses can often be the most affordable.

How to Spot Clients Who Ask for Happy Endings

I did an online search for “How to Ask for Happy Endings,” and I was shocked at what I found—it was not a pleasant experience. Make sure you are not sending the wrong message with your massage therapy business by avoiding these code words and behaviors.

9 Reasons Why Giving Your Massage Clients Extra Table Time is a Bad Idea

Running a tight schedule is an extremely important part of having a successful massage practice. If you do not stick to the agreed-upon appointment time, it can be harmful to your business.

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