There are warning signs massage therapists can look out for when faced with a client looking for a happy ending. Sometimes, the signs are vague and easy to miss because the sexual solicitor is fearful of getting caught and arrested for illegally soliciting sex. Some clients can slip through your screening process, which can result in an uncomfortable and potentially dangerous confrontation. Watch out for these warning signs to protect you and your practice. 

The First Question They Ask is a Red Flag

If the first sentence of your interaction is a question about draping, groin pulls, or needing an appointment immediatelythat is a pretty clear sign you should not schedule this client. 

Late Night Requests

If a client is contacting you late at night or they are requesting a latenight appointment, this is a warning sign you should not overlook. 

The Client Refuses to Give You Their Personal Information

If you are taking booking information from a client and they do not want to give you their last name, address, or phone number, it is typically because they are protecting their identity from an interaction with the authorities. A good way to screen these clients out is to request a credit card number for booking. If a sexual solicitor wants to stay “off the books,” that means they want to pay in cash. 

The Potential Client Pushes Boundaries or Questions Your Professionalism

Examples of this include: “I have a groin pull and other massage therapists have worked on it,” or “I get hot, so other massage therapists have done the massage without sheets.” If the client tries to bait you by saying other therapists have done it, and it’s not a problem because you are a professional and you should be able to handle it, that’s a good sign this client is going to push boundaries further. If this is what the first interaction is going to be like with this client, imagine what they will be like in person. 

Trust Your Gut 

I know, I know, every article about sexual solicitations says this. That’s because its true. If your massage therapist intuition is kicking init is for a reason! For massage therapists, this is the clearest warning sign you are going to get. Do not dismiss it. 

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